Who Are Mennonites?

“We believe....”

Mennonites believe in the centrality and inspiration of the Bible and in Jesus Christ as the One sent by God to bring reconciliation between the Creator and a broken world. We value both our Protestant and Catholic origins and we try to emphasize the connections between faith, words and actions. We believe baptism and church membership should be voluntary. We also emphasize community, peace and love, helping others and being a diverse and multi-cultural church.


"Creating Community"

In an era of mass marketing, uncontrolled consumerism, loneliness, and growing violence, we are working to create a sense of community for ourselves and our neighbors. You are welcome to join us. We are not a closed group. We believe that the best response to cynicism, doubt and isolation is to invite both friends and strangers to share the burdens and joys of life together — in Christ’s new community.


We are God's children, redeemed by the work of Jesus Christ, God's Son. As a local group of Christians, we share a common faith and are on a journey.   

Who Are We?

Pigeon River Mennonite is a member of the Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC). CMC is a fellowship of evangelical Anabaptist churches committed to maturing and multiplying churches locally and globally. We do this in partnership with Rosedale Bible College and Rosedale Mennonite Missions. CMC is made up of 110 congregations with over 12,700 members in 24 states. We also have fraternal relationships with international affiliates in Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Germany, Haiti, India, Kenya and Nicaragua that represent about 450 congregations.