Faithfully Fit

Pigeon River Accountability Fitness Group

Sign up at the welcome center or with Marie to lose weight, exercise or both. The program starts January 1st but you may start later.

Record your own weight loss (scales at church in bathroom by kitchen)

Record the minutes exercised each day. The time will be converted to miles at 20 minutes = 1 mile.

Choose the exercise routine that works best for you:

Walk in the basement at church, on treadmill, or at home.

Join a fitness class (or a virtual one)

Come up with your own routine

Each week report your weight loss and/or exercise time to Marie at marie.maust at or use the form below.

This does not have to be a new program for you

Submitted totals will be reported each week as a group

A pound of sugar will be added to the display for each pound the group loses. Can we lose 200 pounds again this year?

Let’s see how many Great Lakes we can circle this year!